On September 25th, 2008, I was visiting my brother in Portland, Oregon. I had to poop, as I am wont to do, so I went to the bathroom like any normal dude. While washing my hands I noticed a peculiar little chart that had been taped on the wall next to the mirror.

As I was drying my hands off, I scanned the chart and figured out my new name according to Professor Poopypants: Crusty Bubbletush. I chuckled to myself and then grabbed my camera.

I took a photo of that chart, and it is now my most popular photo on Flickr, with over 12,000 views. I realize that is not a whole lot of views, but it is still my most popular photo. Of all the 40,000 photos that I've uploaded to Flickr, why the heck do so many people care about Professor Poopypants's Pocket-Sized "Name Change-O-Chart 2000"?

I have no idea how that photo got so much Google Juice, but I still think Professor Poopypants is pretty darn funny. It's rare when I figure out someone's new name and don't crack a smile at least. Sometimes I laugh out loud! I wanted to be able to quickly share these funny little names with friends online, but the Official Professor Poopypants Website is not very helpful.

I felt a hole in my soul growing larger.

In January 2012 I decided it was time to take action. As an exercise to improve my Ruby chops, I turned that little chart into a bonafide ruby script. That script got things going in the right direction, but it wasn't good enough. A few days later I registered poopypants.net and it gets ~1500 page views per month, which I think is pretty cool for a website about poopypants.

In January 2017 I was poking around some of my old projects and decided it was time to pull out the brains of this site and put them into the poopypants Ruby Gem. It was my first real foray into the world of making gems, but it's a simple one, so it was a good place to start. Rest assured that poopypants.net is now rocking the new poopypants Ruby Gem.

You're welcome, Internet.